In Loutra Amarantos we find the only geothermal spa in Greece, where natural hot steam, from deep in the earth, reaches the surface. This steam is ideal not only for its effectiveness as a therapy for many ailments, but also for its relaxing and calming properties.

Hot air, in the form of steam with traces of radon, emerges from about 15 fissures at the base of a limestone rock. The steam is created by the evaporation of water in the earth’s depths due to the very high temperatures there. On reaching the surface, it is channelled to the individual and group cabins of the modern facilities at our health spa for steam treatments (sauna) and inhalations.

The temperature of the steam is 33-38°C and the moisture content 97-100%.

Therapeutic Properties

Respiratory problems( asthma), endocrinological problems, angylosis, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, anaemia, skin problems, endometritis, sciatica, vaginal diseases, posttraumatic deformities, neuralgia, back pain, osteoarthritis, lung-liver-bile-kidney infections, paralysis, vascular problems, rhinitis, salpingitis, spondyloarthritis, pharyngitis, chronic gynecological inflammations, chronic bronchitis

Λουτρά Αμάραντου


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