LOUTRA AMARANTOS - Λουτρά Αμαράντου - Περιοχήtopothesia1In the midst of the majestic mountains, impressive gorges, polymorphic geological formations, thick forests, rushing rivers, rough trails and small fertile valleys which make up the beautiful countryside of the wider area of Loutra Amarantos, lies the picturesque town of Konitsa with the plains at its foot. A great many smaller villages cling to the slopes of the Northern Pindos mountains.




topothesia4 Ξενώνας Βικτώρια - Αμάραντος

Loutra Amarantos is located 5km south of Loutra Amarantos on the slopes of Grammos at an altitude of 960m completely surrounded by thick forests of oak, beech and black pine. At its foot is the source of the “Ziasiakas” a tributary of the Sarandoporos.

This is a wonderful stonemasons’ village, with stone buildings and beautiful, cobbled streets. It is well worth visiting the square with its towering fir tree and panoramic views of Smolika, Tymphi and Gamila ( the highest peaks of the Pindos Range).Here you will find the imposing church of St George (1889) and the village inn, which is housed in the old two-story stone school (1903). Also worth visiting are the single-arched stone bridge of “Ziasiaka”(1862) , the stone drinking fountains, the picturesque plane tree in its small, paved square and the old watermill below the village. There is a wonderful view from “Rahi” in the upper part of the village and in the lower part you’ll find the Chapel of St. Demetrios in a beautiful setting.

There is also a folklore museum in the area of the new school and a traditional celebration, a “Panagyri” is held every year on the 14th and 15th August.



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The Mastorohoria, “the home of the craftsmen who built the world” is an area of authentic, traditional stone settlements, which owe their name to the skill of their stonemasons. Arched bridges, stone drinking fountains, mansions, monasteries and cobbled streets bear witness to the skill and artistry of its famous and much sought-after craftsmen.

The Mastorohoria comprise a group of settlements in an area of unique natural beauty, with thick forests, rivers, alpine meadows and rich flora and fauna all surrounded by the highest peaks of northern Pindos.




Around Konitsa there are many historic monasteries and churches such as the Monastery of Panagia Stomiou located in the gorge of the Aoos River and the Monastery of Molyvdoskepasto at Bourazani. The gorges of the Aoos and Voidomatis Rivers are unique natural wonders.


Sights worth visiting around Konitsa are:


  • The Aoos River Gorge with the famous bridge of Konitsa.
  • The mansion of Hamkos, mother of Ali Pasha.
  • The Monastery of Stomiou in the Aoos Gorge.
  • The Chapel of Neomartyr George with 120 icons by Hionades.
  • The Mosque of Sultan Suleiman (16th century).
  • The Monastery of Molyvdoskepasto (7th century) at Bourazani.
  • The single-arched stone bridge at Klidonia.